YPMH (www.ypmh.org) is a charity focused on accelerating the translation of research into innovative early interventions that can be used in self-care, the health and social care system, and the wider mental health ecosystem to improve the mental wellbeing of young people. Our current focus is on depression in young people. We aim to help:

  • Prevent the development of first-episode depression in children and young people, enable recovery from depression, and enable people to remain in remission
  • Build communities resilient to depression.

We are seeking a full-time Fundraising Manager, based in Cambridge, to lead the charity’s generation of grants and donations to support:

  • Projects to develop, pilot and validate innovations for the prevention, early detection, diagnosis of depression and its causes, and management and treatment of the condition
  • Building YPMH’s capabilities and capacity to manage innovation projects and disseminate the charity’s outputs.

Key goals for the Fundraising Manager are to generate sustainable income for the charity by:

  • Building long-term relationships with foundations and corporations wishing to support improvements to young people’s mental health
  • Developing and implementing public fundraising campaigns and projects.

The YPMH Fundraising Manager role is an opportunity to:

  • Help address a vital societal need by contributing to the mental wellbeing of young people
  • Contribute to YPMH’s development, growth and impact
  • Build on YPMH’s fundraising success to date to enable the scale-up of YPMH’s game-changing approach to young people’s mental health.

The closing date for applications is Monday, April 24th 2023. Please send your curriculum vitae together with a covering letter to peter.templeton@ypmh.org.

For further information, please download the following description.

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