There are many ways in which you can help us to build a better future for young people, where mental health problems are significantly reduced in prevalence and severity.

Examples include grants and donations that can help us:

  • To work with leaders in innovation management to develop and apply approaches that shorten the time to translate research into innovations and practice.
  • To ‘join up’ excellent research from different areas, e.g. genes and epigenetics, the immune system, gut-brain microbiome, sleep, neuroscience, and the mind – as well as sensors, diagnostics, wearable devices, artificial intelligence and data analytics – to understand causal pathways and opportunities to improve identification, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
  • To build and sustain Communities of Interest that bring together researchers, innovators, practitioners, and young people and their families to increase understanding, generate ideas and innovations, and accelerate their translation into practice.
  • To communicate the emerging understanding and opportunities to help create the environment for positive change.

Individual donations

Scientific research and innovation is a long haul, but every donation and every event and every gift in every will contributes to a future success. We welcome your support in the way you want to engage with us. Please choose your preferred approach to supporting us. For example, you may wish to:

  • Organise an event. (We do not presently have resources for event support, so your help is vital!)
  • Make a one-off or regular donations – please click on the Donate button below.
  • Give a legacy in your will.

Legacy Gifts

Our charity is William’s legacy. Will’s life was cut short, but we yearn to ensure that his charity thrives and helps to generate new approaches to the identification, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of depression and related conditions.

Exciting scientific research into mental health is emerging across a range of disciplines, and it takes time to ‘join up’ the science and to develop innovations that will be used in practice. We are determined to break new ground — however long it takes. You can be part of the solution. One way you can help is through a gift in your will.

A gift in your will can be a sum of money – however modest a sum. Every gift will have an impact. For many people, especially those with children, a legacy of 1% (or whatever % suits you) to our Foundation means that those closest to you still inherit 99%.

How do you set up a legacy gift?

The only information that your solicitor needs is our charity name and registered charity number:

The William Templeton Foundation for Young People’s Mental Health. Registered Charity Number:1182312. If you would like your gift used for a specific area of research please contact us and we will do our utmost to fulfil your wishes. Please email

What will your gift be used for?

We promise to use your gift wisely. There is absolutely no need for you to tell us of your gift – but if you do, then at least we can say thank you. We also understand that there might be a time when you change your will and take our charity out. We fully understand this – our family needs have changed dramatically, and so have our wills.

Research and Innovation Funding Bodies – Please talk to us about how to generate more, and better, innovations – and so increase the impact of the work you fund.

Corporate partners – Please talk to us about:

  • Combining your capabilities with emerging knowledge to develop new opportunities for your business – and help improve mental health outcomes for young people.
  • Enabling your employees to contribute to building a better future for young people.
  • Donations, as part of your CSR programme, and about sponsorship.


THANK YOU so much if you decide to support us. I have no doubt that the benefit arising from each individual gift or grant will continue for many generations.

Peter Templeton

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