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YPMH has a range of publications setting out in more detail how we work with people across the ecosystem. Explore detailed insights on our innovative approaches and scientific advancements that enhance awareness, foster engagement, and drive real improvements in young people’s mental health.

All publications are available either digitally or in print by request.

Cover of report on Depression

Depression: It’s really not all in the mind – March 2024

Depression – It’s really not all in the mind brings together the research and innovation that YPMH has conducted since 2019. It is presented in a form that we hope will be helpful to young adults, parents and non-medical people across organisations such as educational institutions, employers and charities that work with young people.

Changing Minds, Changing Lives – April 2023

Building on work conducted by YPMH and its collaborators since 2019, Changing Minds, Changing Lives outlines innovative, evidence-based approaches to help prevent the development of first-episode depression in children and young people, support their recovery from depression, and enable them to remain in remission. Additionally, it focuses on building communities that are resilient to depression.

Cover of YPMH report Changing Hearts Changing Minds

Changing Hearts, Changing Minds – September 2021

Changing Hearts, Changing Minds is a publication from YPMH that is the result of a 2-year collaborative project with the University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) and its knowledge transfer company IfM Engage. 

The project used engineering analysis methods to ‘join up’ different areas of research regarding depression. Innovation methods researched by the IfM’s Centre for Technology Management and deployed as workshops by IfM Engage practitioners were then used to generate and evaluate ideas for early intervention.

Front cover of the YPMH prospectus - title text A new approach to understanding and treating depression in young people, stakeholder consultation document

Changing Minds – September 2020

Changing Minds sets out YPMH’s aims to address four key goals: explaining the urgent need for a new approach to understanding and treating depression in young people; outlining known psychological, biological, and social causes of depression to spark discussion and identify innovative opportunities to prevent and reduce the condition; demonstrating how innovation management techniques from the University of Cambridge can help shape a new approach for prevention, early detection and treatment; and engaging the entire community of researchers, clinicians, policymakers, funders, healthcare managers, companies, patients, and families in this mission. 

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